Silver-Max Care

Silver-Max Care

Colloidal Silver

Type/Size 118 ml / 236 ml

Silver-Max is prepared from colloidal silver, which is a potent natural antiseptic and has antimicro-bial and anti-inflammatory activity.

Colloidal silver (which has a concentration of 10 μg/mL in this product) is efficient against pathogenic bacteria, can be rapidly excreted from the body, and does not cause skin pigmentation. The method of pro-ducing colloidal silver allows silver particles to be-come completely dissolved in water and ensures a high product quality.

Colloidal silver affects over 350 species of harm-

ful microbodies, including staphylococci and He-

licobacter pylori, which cause gastric ulcers; this

activity of colloidal silver is not associated with any

toxic effect on the body. Silver has a pronounced

bactericidal effect. Silver ions enter the infected

cell and prevent the nutrients from reaching the

virus, thereby causing the sick cell to die. At the

same time, silver does not harm healthy cells: it

kills pathogenic bacteria, but is actually safe for

the indigenous beneficial flora of the body.

Anti-inflammatory properties of silver become

manifested when it reaches the affected tissues.

When silver enters a septic wound, it binds to the

tissue proteins and envelops the nervous endings

creating a protective layer and impeding the irrita-

tion. The effect produced by silver helps clean the

wound from necrotic masses, which prevents the

development of various pathologies and accelerates

the process of wound healing. Colloidal silver is

efficient in treating GIT disorders, food poison-ing, some cutaneous eruptions (psoriasis, allergic dermatitis), and arthritis.

Silver is one of the most important microelements essential for the normal functioning of the human body. Silver is especially crucial for the function-

ing of the brain, endocrine glands, liver, kidneys and bones. It takes an active part in metabolic processes and in the synthesis of many important enzymes and vitamins and also regulates energy metabolism, helps increase lymphocyte, erythro-cyte counts, and hemoglobin levels.


Silver-Max substantially reduces the risk of infections, diseases and has a positive effect on:

  • Infectious respiratory deseases;
  • Skin diseases (dermatomycosis, furunculosis, and eczemas of different localization);
  • GIT disorders (gastric and duodenal ulcers, dysentery) and food poisoning;
  • Trophic ulcers and burns.