Breakfast right nutrition

In a fast living world we often forget about proper nutrition. Instead of eating nice, carefully prepared meals, we eat whatever comes to our hand. What is more, we don’t eat regularly. Most of times we tend to say we don’t have time for breakfast (which is the most important meal of the day) and this is one of the reasons we eat so much in the evening (which is a very bad habit, since metabolism is slowing down in late hours).

Even those people who try to eat a few meals a day, make a habit out of it and try to get from their refrigerators a lot of vegetables and other goods, don’t always get sufficient amount of some nutrients and minerals. And those people we can devide into a few groups.

First group doesn’t even know about lack of some elements. They keep saying things like „One apple a day keeps the doctor away” and stand by their convictions. It doesn’t mean that they are not healthy, but lack of some minerals or nutrients can affect them in many different ways and disturb their well-being.

Second group goes for people who are aware about the fact that they might need some supplements and actually go for it. They desperately look for ways to provide those minerals and nutrients to their bodies, often going to the first drug store they see and asking for „just any” supplement. Most of times they get some pills or whatever with artificial ingredients that impede absorption of the good stuff. So they get some of it, but not as much as they want. And need.

The last group represents huge awareness about nutrition. That is why people from this group reach out only for good quality supplements, based on natural ingredients, tested and examined. A good example of this kind of supplement is Microhydrin by Coral Club. This powerful antioxidant contains potassium carbonate, calcium hydroxide, silica, magnesium ascorbate and many other beneficial components. All those minerals work in favour of our health and well-being.