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Coral Mine right hydration for You. Spring is just around the corner and before we know it we will be having summer. Days are getting warmer and pretty soon a real heatwave will hit us. Spring is also the time when we wake up from our so called hibernation and start moving more. Maybe it’s because nice weather is so inviting, maybe it’s because we realize we don’t have our beach bodies yet. Anyway, people tend to exercise and move around more in the spring and summer. There is one thing that connect these two things – higher temperature and working out – and this thing is hydration.

Coral Mine right quantity of water

By hydration we generally mean getting sufficient amount of water. When it’s warmer – we need it more. When we exercise – we also need more of it. That is because we lose much more of it. Water is crucial for us to function right. Getting right amount of it determines not only our health, but also well-being. Some say every aduld should drink at least 1.5 l of water per day, but in fact it is a different amount of water for each person. This amount depends on our age, weight, sex, type of work we do and many other things. Nevertheless, every single person has to hydrate their body.

Coral Mine water for You

But hydrating is not only about how much we drink – it is also about WHAT we drink. You might say: water is water, but this is not entirely true. Each bottle of water is different, each type contains different minerals and different amounts of them. Most of the times water we drink every day doesn’t contain as much minerals as we need, especially when it comes to sodium, magnesium and calcium. These three minerals you can get by taking proper supplements, such as Coral Mine. This product is 100% natural – it is made of deep-sea coral living near japanese islands. It’s not just any coral. This specific species, Scleractina, contains a lot of calcium, magnesium and sodium – basically everything you need to feel good. You need magnesium to fight the feeling of weariness, calcium to support blood coagulation and digestion, sodium to maintain proper blood pressure. In a nutshell, you need Coral Mine to keep yourself healthy – it really is a mine of minerals!

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