Back in the days our granmothers and grandfathers thought that being healthy only meant not having diseases. Nowadays we know that not being sick doesn’t say it all about our organisms. Human body is much more complex and so is the whole idea of being healthy. If you are not suffering from any diseases – that’s great news! But don’t get too excited before you check some other things on your list.

It is pretty hard to talk about all the things that define us as healthy and fit. We can devide all those things into four categories. First one is proper hydration. And by this we don’t only mean drinking water, but drinking water containing some beneficial minerals, such as calcium, magnesium and sodium. We cannot expect our body to function properly without getting required amount of those elements. The second category is cleansing the organism, which means purifying it from the inside. By that we mean getting rid of toxins, parasites and any kind of waste that has a negative effect on the human’s body. Third category would be good nutrition – getting all the micro- and macronutrients needed for functioning, getting strenght, building and recovering our muscles. And last but not least would be category number four – protecting our body from all kinds of bacteria and viruses weakening our bodies.

No matter how hard we try to cover all of these categories by just doing our job, we can almost be sure we will not handle it all properly. That is why we should use some good-quality supplements that can not only enrich our diet, but also provide some elements and nutriends we would not be albe to get ourselves.